Common Cause of Dripping Faucets

one serene and silent evening, cool breeze, beautiful atmosphere, sipping hot coffee, but wait what is that sound? That is the sink faucet dripping. This is how annoying the sound from the leaking faucets could be. Plumber Werribee is at your service whenever you need them to fix those faucets.

Fixing them does not stop them from dripping again, addressing the underlying problem can. When asked upon, Plumber Melton drew the attention to some of the cause that is enlisted below are the house owners’ errors when trying to fix the faucets by themselves.

Improperly Installed Washers

When installing the washer not just the proper installation but also the size of the washer needs great attention as missing any of these can cause the faucet to drip. If you are not sure of the size of the washer, better take the help of a professional.

Water Pressure

Sometimes unusual dripping of the faucets is caused. They occur at a certain time for example at night, the only possible reason for such unusual leaking of the faucets has been found to be water pressure.

Worn Out O Ring

It is a small disk attached to the steam strew which holds the handle of the faucet in place. The wear and tear to this ring due to moving of the handle loosen the hole of stem screw over the handle and create room for water to lean around the handle. So, if you find this leak then get the O ring replaced. The problem will be solved until the replace O ring worn out.

Corroded Valve Seat

These leaks can be detected by checking for dripping from the spout. This valve seat is present between the faucets and the spout which seem to get damaged when regular cleaning against the water-sediment build-up is not addressed.

Loose Parts

Loosening of the parts causes the room for water to drip. Regular detection and tightening of these parts keep the faucets from leaking and bursting.

Why Addressing These Dripping Faucets?

We are living in a world that is constantly campaigning about saving water. Addressing the issue like fixing those faucets and taking regular care of them so that they do not leak in the future will help to save a lot of leaking fresh water. Not just faucets various hidden leaks need to be detected.

Make sure that if you do not have enough knowledge of the faucets then do not attempt to fix the leaking faucets as you would end up damaging them more. Let the plumbers detect and address the issue with their expertise. You can also detect any other hidden leaks in the house to makes sure that no water is being wasted. Make sure that you hire a plumber that is not an amateur.

Plumber Tarneit can also provide you with tips and tricks that can help you to take care of and maintenance of the faucets so that leaks can be avoided in the future.

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